John Scott Mansfield


The Wedding Magician

John also has a lot of experience as a Wedding Magician in fact he


would probably tell you that weddings are his favourite gigs.


Having a Close-up magician at weddings has now become a very


popular part of that important day.


What better way to have your wedding worries eased than to have


John there to entertain your guests during those parts of the day


where you may be occupied but your guests are less involved. John


can keep your guests entertained with his mind bending magic and


mentalism during any of the following parts


of your big day

During the Photo Shoot

Following the service a considerable amount of time may be spent with


the photographer. No single roll of film with thirty six exposures any more.

Nowadays photographers using digital cameras tend to take hundreds!


Many of your guests will feature in one or two shots but you will be in


almost every one!


This is an ideal opportunity for John to weave his way in and out of the


various groups that are glancing at their watches and wondering when


the foods coming! he can spend that time amusing and amazing them


with his magic and mental mysteries

Room Changeover / Champagne Buffet

Many weddings have a champagne buffet during room changeover.


Indeed some may choose this rather than a more formal wedding breakfast.


This is another part of your day where you can benefit from the presence of John


providing magical entertainment by mixing and mingling with your guests and


mystifying them with items from his 'box of tricks'

The Wedding Breakfast

No matter how much time you and your partner spend deliberating over


who will sit with who at each table, you always seem to end up with one or


more tables with guests that do not no each other. This situation need not


be a cause for concern if you have John there to 'break the ice' by involving


everyone at the table with his magic.

The magic in combination with John's 'one liners'will leave them all laughing and strangers become friends in a matter of minutes.

Having previously done many children's partiesJohn does his best to make sure the children at the tables are not overlooked and

encourages them to join in the fun.

The 'Evening Do'

Quite often the formal reception is held in the afternoon and usually involves close friends and family followed by an evening party for the wider circle of friends and colleagues.

The evening normally begins with the guests and meeting in the bar and chatting.

John is able to meet and greet and stroll around the bar bemusing the guests. he can also perform at the tables during the evening buffet before the disco/singer/ band or other act which may be booked.

Why not book him and make your day even more special


Here are some of the lucky couples that did!.